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Hey all,

Thanks for the great turnout at the re-commencement of the Monaghan CoderDojo. After a first day getting back on track after a LONG break – and remembering Gmail accounts to access the computers – it was great to see so much interest & engagement from the children.

To help inform you more about what we’re doing in the HTML class, here is a little background explaining what the children will do.

The CoderDojo Foundation – first started in Cork in 2013 by the way! – has joined forces with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to further accelerate their global mission to help young people build a positive future through coding and community vision.

In each HTML class at the Monaghan CoderDojo, the children can choose from the following projects, which cover elements from HTML & CSS Module 1 of the ‘Design basic 2D and 3D assets’ strand of the Raspberry Pi Digital Making Curriculum.

You can see Module 1 for yourself by following this link https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/codeclub/webdev-module-1

Guidance is provided in printouts that are available in class for the children to work their way step-by-step through each project. Of course, mentors are available to give advice & guidance. And we’ll throw in a few non-competitive just-for-fun quizzes along the way.

After the children complete each project, there are further suggested challenges to encourage the children to take a step further and enhance each project with their own ideas and imagination.

These are the projects we’ve started with, and more are available for different levels of challenge.

Happy Birthday
In this project, children will be introduced to HTML and CSS by learning how to make their own customised birthday card. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, the language used to make webpages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is a language used to style webpages and make them look nice.

Tell a Story
In this project, children will learn how to create their own webpage to tell a story, joke, or poem.

Wanted !
In this project, children will have an opportunity to write their own CSS to style a webpage. They will also edit and write CSS properties and selectors to make their own poster.

In this project, children will learn how to create a webpage for their favourite recipe. They will learn about HTML lists and CSS colours. They will create their own recipe, adding ingredient and method lists.

Mystery Letter
In this project, children will create a mystery letter that looks like each word has been cut from a different newspaper, magazine, comic or other source. The children are introduced to CSS classes. They use multiple CSS classes to style text and also learn how to use background images and free Google fonts in their projects.

Project Showcase
In this project, children will create a showcase of the above HTML projects and learn about links and embedding resources. It introduces text links to other webpages and to named ids within a page. It also introduces embedding other projects into a webpage.

When we Run
We run from 11:30am to 1pm every second Saturday (during term time)… so see you all next on Saturday 8th October…

… and don’t forget to bring those Gmail account details 😊

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