To help inform you more about what we’re doing in the HTML & CSS class, here is a little background to explain.

The CoderDojo Foundation – first started in Cork in 2013 by the way! – has joined forces with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to further accelerate their global mission to help young people build a positive future through coding and community vision.

At each HTML class at the Monaghan CoderDojo, you can choose from projects that cover elements from HTML & CSS Modules 1 and 2 of the ‘Design basic 2D and 3D assets’ strand of the Raspberry Pi Digital Making Curriculum.

Monaghan CoderDojo

Guidance is provided in printouts that are available in class for you to work your way step-by-step through each project. Of course, mentors are available to give advice & guidance. And we’ll throw in a few non-competitive just-for-fun quizzes along the way.

After you complete each project, there are further suggested challenges to encourage you to take a step further and enhance each project with your own ideas and imagination.

These are the projects we’ve started with, and more are available for different levels of challenge.